Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by Jongnic Bontemps

  1. The Maximals
  2. Unicron / Scourge
  3. Autobots Enter
  4. What Are You
  5. More Than Meets the Eye
  6. Mirage
  7. Museum Heist
  8. Battle at Ellis Island
  9. Fallen Hero
  10. Chris Meets Mirage
  11. Arriving in Peru
  12. Hiding in Plain Sight
  13. The Cave
  14. Switchback Chase
  15. The Village
  16. Saving Elena
  17. One Last Stand
  18. The Final Battle Begins
  19. Unicron Approaches
  20. Home Team
  21. Volcano Battle
  22. No Matter the Cost
  23. Till All Are One
  24. Humans and Autobots United
  25. Here’s My Card
  26. A Long Time Ago

Music Composed by Jongnic Bontemps
Score Produced by Steve Jablonsky
Album Produced by Jongnic Bontemps
Executive Soundtrack Album Producers: Michael Bay & Lorenzo di Bonaventura

“Switchback Chase”
Composed and Conducted by Steve Jablonsky
Written by Jongnic Bontemps and Steve Jablonsky

“Humans and Autobots United”
Composed and Conducted by Steve Jablonsky
Written by Jongnic Bontemps and Steve Jablonsky

Score Conducted by Anthony Parnther
Score Recorded and Mixed by John Witt Chapman
Additional Music by DeAndre James Allen-Toole, Nathan Matthew David, Anthony Baldino

Score Manager: Sam Zeines
Lead Orchestrator: Susie Benchasil Seiter
Orchestrators: Chad Seiter, Jeff Tinsley, M.R. Miller, Tim Davies
Orchestrator Assistants: Grigor Abgaryan, Ryan Humphrey, Lorenzo Carrano

Supervising Copyist: Booker White
Music Preparation: Chris Anderson-Bazzoli, Brandon Bailo, Marshall Bowen, Joshua Britt, Leslie Buttars, Nicholas Cazares, Matt Franko, David Giuli, Jennifer Hammond, Lisa Janacua, Samantha Keefer, Valarie King, Martin McClellan, Aaron Meyer, Melissa Orquiza, James Sale, Karen Smith

Pro Tools Operator: Larry Mah
Score Recorded at Newman Scoring Stage, Fox, Eastwood Scoring Stage, WB, Larrabee Studios
Fox Scoring Stage Recordist: Tim Lauber
Fox Scoring Stage Managers: Damon Tedesco, Hoss Yekband, Greg Dennen, Jesse Johnstone
Fox Scoring Stage Engineers: Jim Wright, Marc Gebauer
Fox Executive Sound Staff: Stacey Robinson, VP Post Sound Operations
WB Scoring Stage Crew: Tom Hardisty, Richard Wheeler Jr., Peter Nelson, David Clark, Jamie Olvera
Score Mixed at Chappy Studios, Burbank, CA
Synth Design & Programming: Anthony Baldino, Nathan Matthew David, Chris Lane

Composer’s Assistant: DeAndre James Allen-Toole
Score Coordinators:  Elisa Alloway, Sophia Blake
Peruvian Music Consultant:  Erick Del Aguila
Music Consultants: Seth Waldmann, Ira Becker, Ananda Dhar-James
Music Contracting: Peter Rotter and Laura Jackman for Encompass Music Partners

Budapest Art Choir Recorded at East Connection Music Recording, Studio 22
Choir Conducted by Peter Pejtsik
Choir Recorded by Gabor Buczko
Pro Tools Engineer: David Lukacs
Choir Contracted by Miklos Lukacs

Score Published by Paramount Bella Music (BMI)

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove
Soundtrack Coordinator for Paramount Pictures: Michael Murphy

Jongnic Bontemps would like to give a special thanks to Anna Drubich, Seven Caple Jr & Bernie Duran

Paramount Pictures Thanks: Lina Ajao, Lilly Bennett, Jon David Bernal, Mary Jo Braun, Micaela Cain, Sheryl Carlin, Dina Durant, Alex Fleites, Robert Gasper, Amanda Grossman, Tina Kiehl, Queenie Li, Christina Martino, Jonah Menegaz, Areli Quirarte, Jessica Reddick, Ishita Sinha, Maddy Van Remortel, Megan Walla, Jonathan Weiss, Kaiyun Wong

(P)&© 2023 Paramount Pictures. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. ©2023 Hasbro