The Monster Squad (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by Bruce Broughton

  1. Main Title / The Van Helsing Prologue 7:26
  2. Scary German Guy / Bat in the Hold 1:58
  3. Let It Begin 0:44
  4. Lock Me Up! / Wolfman Wakes Up 1:35
  5. Monster Music (Source) 0:55
  6. Class Reunion 3:30
  7. Mr. Alucard 1:06
  8. Mummy’s Gone / Making Plans / Phoebe Meets Frank 3:00
  9. Van Helsing’s Diary / Monsters 2:07
  10. Walking Dead Guy 1:20
  11. Scary Mask 1:52
  12. The Old Wolfman Ruse / Not Clark Kent / Twinkie Creature 2:25
  13. At the Mansion / On All Sides 3:14
  14. Recovering the Amulet 2:18
  15. Goodbye Band Aid Breath 1:46
  16. At Sean’s House 2:42
  17. The Vampire Killed / Kill a Wolfman 5:02
  18. Creature Carnage 1:33
  19. Phoebe and the Count / The Final Vortex 6:32
  20. End Credits 4:22
  21. “Monster Squad Rap” Performed by The Monster Squad 3:05

Music Composed, Conducted and Produced by Bruce Broughton

Orchestrations by Mark McKenzie
Recorded and Mixed by Armin Steiner
Music Editor: Curt Sobel

Executive Album Producers: Dan Goldwasser and Mike Matessino

Analog Transfers: Simon Daniel
Album Edited and Mastered by Mike Matessino

Music Clearance by Cindy Badell-Slaughter at Heavy Hitters Music Group

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove
Soundtrack Album Coordinator: Michael Murphy

Project Consultant: Lukas Kendall
Production Assistance: Frank K. DeWald and Neil S. Bulk

Score Published by Sony/ATV Harmony (ASCAP)

“Monster Squad Rap”
Performed by The Monster Squad
Composed by Michael Sembello and Richard Rudolph
Published by Gravity Raincoat (ASCAP), Dickiebird Music & Publishing (BMI), Taft/Barish Music (ASCAP), and TECO/Barish Music (BMI)

Special Thanks: Bruce Broughton, Fred Dekker, Lisa Edmondson, Curt Sobel, Richard Edlund, Randall D. Larson, Douglass Fake, Roger Feigelson, Taylor White, Troy Brownfeld, Al Ramirez, Chris Rynolds, Laura Thornburg, Ryan Svendsen, Miguel Casillas, Natalia Lax, Dustin Dean