Sunset Boulevard (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by Franz Waxman

  1. Prelude 8:18
  2. Money Trouble / The Schwabadero 1:11
  3. Chase and Mansion / An Aging Actress 3:54
  4. The Organ Grinder 0:40
  5. A Curious Collaboration 0:38
  6. Norma’s Gallery 1:19
  7. Afternoon Outings / Sacrifice of Self-Respect 4:47
  8. Dramatic Chord 1:04
  9. After Auld Lang Syne / The Pampered Prince 0:49
  10. Parading to Paramount 0:54
  11. Interview with DeMille 1:49
  12. DeMille’s Compassion 0:38
  13. The Studio Stroll 0:25
  14. Farewell / Joe Walks Out 6:41
  15. The Comeback 4:19
  16. Sunset Boulevard Cast 0:27
  17. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Excerpts) 2:39
  18. La Cumparsita 3:32
  19. Diane 2:51
  20. Charmaine 2:20
  21. Auld Lang Syne 1:01
  22. Main Title (Film Version with Effects) 2:14

Total Album Time: 52:30

Music Composed and Conducted by Franz Waxman
Published by Sony/ATV Harmony (Famous Music Publishing Company)
Orchestrations by Leonid Raab
Recorded by the Paramount Symphony Orchestra on September 1, 2, 6, 13, 14, 15, and November 18, 19, 1949

“Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” music by Johann Sebastian Bach
“La Cumparsita” music by Matos Rodrigues, Published by Intersong USA, Inc. (ASCAP)
“Diane” music by Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack, Published by EMI Miller Catalog, Inc. (ASCAP)
“Charmaine” music by Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack, Published by Lew Pollack Music and Rapee Music Company (ASCAP)

Soundtrack Album Producers: Craig Spaulding, Lukas Kendall and Neil S. Bulk

Executive in Charge of Music at Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove
Soundtrack Album Coordinator: Kim Seiniger

Tape Transfer: John Davis, Precision AudioSonics
Audio Production: Erick Labson, Universal Mastering Studios
Album Design: Jim Titus

Special Thanks: Michael Feinstein, Starleigh Goltry, Mike Matessino, Rick Mitchell, Rex McGee, Robert Birchard, Robert Reneau (AMPAS), John Takis, Debi Jacobson (L’Imagerie Gallery), Andie Childs, Frank DeWald, Jeff Eldridge, and a very special thanks to Richard Kaufman and John W. Waxman