Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by Martin Todsharow

  1. Behind the Mask 3:39
  2. Unknown Visitor 2:20
  3. Dices Are Fallen 2:09
  4. Cage Fight 1:43
  5. Synapses 2:03
  6. Betrayer Kenta 1:26
  7. Storm 2:38
  8. Brothers 2:11
  9. Tokyo Arrival 1:23
  10. Sen Appears 1:15
  11. Ominous Story 1:07
  12. Be Prepared 1:53
  13. First Challenge 1:05
  14. No Doubts 1:15
  15. Salvation 0:59
  16. Cobra 1:32
  17. Another Story 1:01
  18. Poison Kitchen 2:31
  19. Brothers Reprise 1:11
  20. Play With Me Scarlett 2:19
  21. Impetus 1:36
  22. Second Challenge 1:15
  23. Betrayer Baroness 2:03
  24. Searching Games 1:47
  25. Third Challenge 4:06
  26. Looking Back 1:48
  27. Find Your Master 1:37
  28. Fast Lane 3:32
  29. Augustine 2:21
  30. Hide and Seek 2:16
  31. Blood Brothers 1:42
  32. Torture 4:09
  33. Kenta Marches 1:00
  34. Car Jumping 1:12
  35. Down There 2 1:54
  36. Baroness Army 0:57
  37. Storm Standoff 1:08
  38. Sen Magic 0:32
  39. Jewel of the Sun 1:30
  40. Into the Woods 1:06
  41. The End of Whom 2:54
  42. Storm Shadow Arises 3:06
  43. Looking Forward 1:31
  44. Tokyo Mayhem 1:40

Total Album Time: 82:22

Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by Martin Todsharow

All Guitars, Keys and Programming by Martin Todsharow
Guitar Pads created by Dominik Ruegg aka “Cuthead”

Additional Drum Sound Programming by Marc Juenger
Additional Electronica Programming for “Tokyo Mayhem” by Henrik Mueller and Tassilo Ippenberger

Supervising Music Editor: Darrell Hall
Music Editor: Nicholas Fitzgerald
Conducted by Susie Seiter
Scoring Booth Producer / Lead Orchestrator: Tim Davies
Orchestrators: Jeremy Levy, Lorenzo Carrano and Sarah Lynch

Score Mixed by Tom Russbueldt
Score Mixed at Scoring Berlin
Score Recording Engineer: Scott Michael Smith
Score Recorded at The Newman Scoring Stage, Fox Studio Lot
Scoring Stage Recordist: Tim Lauber
Scoring Stage Manager: Greg Dennen
Scoring Stage Engineer: Erin Michael Rettig
VP Post Fox Sound Operations: Stacey Robinson
Score Pro Tools Operator: Larry Mah
Music Consultants: Jeff Gartenbaum and Eva Reistad
Booth Reader: Jeremy Levy
Head of Music Preparation: Mark Graham
Music Preparation: JoAnn Kane Music Service
Musician Contractor: Peter Rotter for Encompass Music Partners

Soundtrack Album Produced by Martin Todsharow

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove

Album Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Published by Paramount Allegra Music (ASCAP)

Martin Todsharow wishes to thank: Robert Schwentke for being such a friend and visionary; Lorenzo di Bonaventura for his trust in my craft and creativity; Erik Howsam for always being there; Stuart Levy for creating the perfect flow in every direction; Darrell Hall for his outstanding ideas during playing around with my score; Randy Spendlove and Areli Quirarte for their continuous and imaginative support; Kim Seiniger for finding many brilliant solutions; Peter Rotter for choosing the finest musicians from L.A.; Tom Russbueldt for engineering my stuff for over a decade and taking this to the next level; Tim Davies for translating and bringing my musical ideas to life; Scott Michael Smith and Josef Zimmerman with their fabulous teams—I felt so safe and secure and like we had done this so many time before. So let’s all get together to do this again soon, guys!