Senior Year (Original Score from the Netflix Film)

Music by Jermaine Stegall

  1. Senior Year (1:17)
  2. Stephanie’s Theme (0:26)
  3. Steph Sees Blaine (0:50)
  4. Dream Life (1:26)
  5. Bri Love (0:45)
  6. Perfect Life (1:29)
  7. Who Was or Is That (1:33)
  8. Seth Sees Steph (1:55)
  9. Steph Remembers (1:31)
  10. Martha (1:05)
  11. Bri and Lance’s Theme (1:39)
  12. Yearbook (1:25)
  13. Battle Lines (1:47)
  14. Bowling Alley (2:07)
  15. Queen and Crown (1:13)
  16. Apology (0:33)
  17. Graduation (1:16)
  18. Notification (0:34)
  19. Teachable Moment (2:14)
  20. The Ones That Count (1:03)

Music Composed by Jermaine Stegall

Music Editors: Nevin Seus and Andrew Silver
Music Consultants: Julia Michels and Julianne Jordan
Cheerleader Medley Producer: Alana Da Fonseca
Music Coordinator: Tess Castro

Conducted by Jermaine Stegall
Orchestrator: Lorenzo Carrano
Music Preparation: Fine Line Music Service
Music Librarian: Joseph Zimmerman

Recording Engineer: Thor Fienberg
Music Mixer: Tyson Lozensky
Additional Mixer: Chris James
Music Recorded at Cow on the Wall Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Music Contractor: Peter Rotter for Encompass Music Partners

Album Produced by Jermaine Stegall
Album Mastered by Patricia Sullivan

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove

All Songs Published by Paramount Bella Music (BMI)