Rumble (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by Lorne Balfe

  1. Hometown Heroes (3:48)
  2. This Is Monster Wrestling! (4:34)
  3. Pride of Pittsmore (2:06)
  4. Monster on the Hill (3:33)
  5. Winnie McEvoy (4:32)
  6. Round One (1:46)
  7. Rayburn and Steve (3:23)
  8. Tentacular (3:17)
  9. Dad’s Playbook (2:07)
  10. The Takedown (2:21)
  11. Lady Mayhen (1:51)
  12. Fight for Stoker Stadium (3:15)
  13. Rayburn-Ramarilla Match (2:19)
  14. A New Plan (4:04)
  15. The Underdog (3:14)

Music by Lorne Balfe
Produced by Lorne Balfe

Music Editors: Vicki Hiatt and Sebastian Zuleta

Additional Music by Steven Davis, Stuart Thomas, Sven Faulconer and Steffen Thum
Orchestrators: Adam Price, Gabriel Chernick and Harry Brokensha

Music Preparation: Booker White
Music Contractor: Peter Rotter

Recording Engineer: Scott Michael Smith
Score Mixed by Stephen Lipson

Assistant Engineer: Edward Hartwell
Technical Assistants: Alfie Godfrey and Michael Bitton

Score Coordinator: Queenie Li
Assistant to Composer: Ashleigh Kelly

Album Mastering: Robert Vosgien

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove