Reacher (Music from the Amazon Original Series)

Music by Tony Morales

  1. Gonna Need A Gun
  2. Reacher Preps
  3. You’re in the Hold
  4. Reacher Makes His Move
  5. Nailed to a Wall
  6. The Hydra
  7. Dead Brother
  8. Into the Pond
  9. Roscoe Followed
  10. A Matter of Degree
  11. Access Gained
  12. Reacher Follows
  13. Hubble Confesses
  14. Subway Exchange
  15. Mechanical Failure
  16. The Slap
  17. Animal Feed
  18. Body In The Trunk
  19. Motel Creeping
  20. Hubble’s Shock
  21. More Dead Bodies
  22. Joe’s Garment Bag
  23. Bad News, Bad Guys
  24. Killing Floor
  25. Reacher vs Dawson
  26. How They Did It
  27. Finlay Beaten
  28. You Hesitate You Die
  29. Saving Hubble’s Wife
  30. Rhinoceros
  31. Up In Flames
  32. Burying The Medal
  33. Close to the Flame

Composed and Produced by Tony Morales
Score Mixed by Justin Moshkevich
Music Editor: Eduardo Ponsdomenech
Orchestrations by Dana Nui
Copyist: Eric Stonerook
Additional Music by: Pakk Hui, Edward Rogers & Stephanie Kowal

Featured musicians:
Isaiah Gage – Cello
WF Quinn Smith – Custom Percussion & Drum Kit
Hal Rosenfeld – Drum Kit
Synchron Stage Orchestra
Solomon Dorsey – Acoustic Bass
Tony Morales – Guitar

Thank you: Nick Santora, Amazon Studios, Skydance Television, Paramount Television, Alexander Vangelos, First Artists Management and to my entire family for their love and support.