Pet Sematary (Music From the Motion Picture)

Music by Christopher Young

  1. The Wendigo 4:50
  2. The Maine Road 2:55
  3. But the Cat Has No Hat 4:12
  4. Underground Terrors 6:41
  5. Fielding Fine 2:4
  6. Scream for More 4:07
  7. Dead Alive Again 3:53
  8. Church Isn’t Church 4:12
  9. Un-Hallowed Even 3:09
  10. Fouled Soil 4:43
  11. Echo Angels 4:08
  12. Just Not the Same 4:32
  13. Watching the Dead Do 3:34
  14. Die Daddy Die 4:30
  15. Wasn’t the Beginning? 4:32
  16. Pet Sematary (Starcrawler) 3:24

Total Album Time: 66:07

Music Composed and Conducted by Christopher Young
Soundtrack Produced by Christopher Young, Max Blomgren, Jung J. Lee & Gregory Reveret
Executive Soundtrack Album Producer: Lorenzo Di Bonaventure
Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove

Album Recorded and Mixed by: Max Blomgren, Jung J. Lee & Gregory Reveret
Album Coordinating Supervisor: Jared Banta
Soundtrack Album Coordinators for Paramount Pictures: Jason Richmond & Areli Quirarte

Supervising Music Editor / Score Producer: Ben Schor
Additional Music Editors: Ramiro Belgardt, Del Spiva & Nicholas Fitzgerald
Music Sound Design: Max Blomgren & Jung J. Lee
Music Sound Design / Arranger: Gregory Reveret

Orchestrators: Christopher Young, Kostas Christides & Jared Banta
Music Contractor: Peter Rotter

Music Scoring Mixers: Max Blomgren & Jung J. Lee
Score Coordinators: Kostas Christides & Jared Banta
Assistant to Christopher Young: Vee Noriega

Synth / Programming: Max Blomgren, Jung J. Lee & Greg Reveret
Vocals: Sara Niemietz & Chrysilia Kallis

Published by Paramount Bella (BMI)

Special Thanks: Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch, Randy Spendlove, Areli Quirarte, Kim Seiniger, Wyck Godfrey, Mark Vahradian, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ashley Brucks, Liz Raposo, Nathan Samdahl, Peter Rotter, Abby Callahan, Maddy Van Remortel, Sharyl Holtzman & Sarah Broshar