Pet Sematary: Bloodlines (Music from the Paramount+ Original Movie)

Music by Brandon Roberts

  1. Logos 0:26
  2. Bad Ground 1:50
  3. Timmy’s Theme 2:27
  4. Writing the Kill List 1:43
  5. The Pet Sematary 2:12
  6. Sunflowers 1:56
  7. I Love You,Timothy Baterman 1:57
  8. Hospital Attack 2:24
  9. Tunnel Rats 3:22
  10. Circa 1674 3:38
  11. Battle Plans 2:02
  12. That Wasn’t Donna 2:07
  13. Jud vs Timmy 2:53
  14. Jud and Norma 1:25
  15. Meat the Baterman 1:54

Music Composed by Brandon Roberts  

Additional Music & Programming by Maxwell Karmazyn, Alexander Bornstein and Adamo di Giorgio
Synth Programming & Design by Andrew Lembo

Score Conducted by Edward Trybek
Music Preparation by Tutti Music Partners
Orchestrated by Jonathan Beard, Edward Trybek and Henri Wilkinson
Assistant Orchestrators: Sean Barrett, Benjamin Hoff and Jamie Thierman

Supervising Copyist: Jordan Cox
Copyists/Librarians: Seoyon MacDonald and James Regan
Scoring Engineer: Chandler Harrod
Score Recorded at The Village, West LA, CA
The Village Studio Assistants: Peter Hanaman and Hannah Samuels

Music Consultant: Tyson Lozensky
Giant Golden Gong Consultant: B Love
Music Contractor: Peter Rotter for Encompass Music Partners

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove
Soundtrack Album Coordinator: Michael Murphy
Album Mastered by Robert Vosgien

Music Published by Paramount Allegra Music (ASCAP)

Brandon Would Like to Thank: Lindsey Beer, Mark Vahradian, Ashley Brucks, Randy Spendlove, Areli Quirarte, Micaela Cain, Kaiyun Wong, Lina Ajoa, Michael Murphy, and the rest of the Paramount Team. Oren Yaacoby, Philip Tallman, Max Karmazyn, Alexander Bornstein, Andrew Lembo, Adamo Di Giorgio, Chandler Harrod, Tyson Lozensky, Lucas Fehring, B Love, Peter Rotter and everyone at Encompass Music Partners, Ed Trybek, Henri Wilkinson, Jonathan Beard and Everyone at Tutti Music Partners, The Village Studios and its wonderful staff!  Laura Engel, Jeff Jernigan, and everyone at Kraft Engel. Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders, Andrea Yomtob, Liam & Vienna Roberts, David & Pat Roberts.