Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by Lorne Balfe

  1. The Sevastopol 2:07
  2. The Phantom 3:05
  3. Collision Alarm 1:31
  4. A Ghost In The Machine 2:38
  5. The Sum Of Our Choices 1:24
  6. Dead Reckoning Opening Titles 1:12
  7. The Entity 3:22
  8. Your Mission… 2:34
  9. This Is Not A Drill 2:13
  10. The Plot Thickens 8:21
  11. You Are Dunn 5:54
  12. Get Out Now 1:56
  13. A Coulourful Past 3:11
  14. Rush Hour In Rome 3:33
  15. Roman Getaway 2:46
  16. You’re Driving 2:04
  17. Hit It 2:10
  18. He Calls Himself Gabriel 6:22
  19. A Most Probable Next 5:20
  20. Run As Far As You Can 1:59
  21. You Are Done 3:28
  22. Chasing Grace 2:51
  23. I Was Hoping It’d Be You 1:41
  24. Ponte Dei Conzafelzi 2:19
  25. To Be A Ghost 2:21
  26. What Is Your Objective 4:27
  27. Murder and The Orient Express 3:34
  28. Mask Of Lies 2:37
  29. I Missed The Train 3:05
  30. Key Details 3:36
  31. The Moment Of Truth 2:17
  32. Should You Choose To Accept 1:59
  33. Leap Of Faith 1:36
  34. Consequences 1:41
  35. You Stop The Train 3:48
  36. Chaos On The Line 2:48
  37. Countdown 2:54
  38. This Was The Plan 6:15
  39. Curtain Call 1:01

Total Album Time: 1:58:00

Original Score by Lorne Balfe
Score Produced by Cécile Tournesac and Lorne Balfe
Score Production Managers: Ashleigh Kelly and Ruth Titmarsh
Assistant to Composer: Alice Bird
Additional Music: Joshua Pacey, Bobby Tahouri, Stuart Michael Thomas, Adam Price, Peter Adams, Dieter Hartmann, Kevin Riepl, Max Aruj and Kevin Blumenfeld
Additional Arrangements: Ethan Gillespie
Supervising Music Editor: Cécile Tournesac
Music Editor: Timeri Duplat
Lead Orchestrator: Adam Price
Orchestrators: Gabriel Chernick, Nicolò Braghiroli, Ben Morales Frost, Aaron King, Harry Brokensh
Technical Assistants: Ethan Gillespie and Samuel Grade


Musicians Contractors: Amy Stewart, Jenny Goshawk and Sara Pulice for Isobel Griffiths Ltd
Orchestra Leader: Perry Montague-Mason
Lead Conductor: James Brett
Additional Conducting: Gavin Greenaway

Music Preparation: Jill Streater, Global Music Service
Librarian: Jill Streater, Ann Barnard, Dan Boardman
Lead Recording Engineer: Geoff Foster
Additional Recording Engineers: Nick Wollage and Rupert Coulson

Score Editing: Chris Barrett
Score Recorded at Air Studios, London
Pro Tools Operators: Jack Mills and Alex Ferguson
Studio Assistants: Jedidiah Rimell and Ben Creasey
Score Mix Engineers: Stephen Lipson and Chris Fogel
Mix Assistants: Edd Hartwell and Evyn DeBoer
Score Mixed at The Loft and ELBO Studios

Synthesizer: Lorne Balfe
French Horn: Richard Watkins


Ensemble: Top Secret Drum Corps
Musician Credits: Simon Bringolf, Luca Wiedemann, Matteo Masino, Marc Moppert, Leonid Reinau, Nicolas Gehrig, Nico Hostettler, Lenard Krautheim, Matteo Christ, Maurice Weiss, Nicolas Wesp, Daniel Sigrist, Reto Wagner and Tim Stauffer
Additional Arrangements: Nicolas Gehrig, Simon Bringolf, Tim Stauffer and Nicolas Wesp
Project Manager: Nico Stauffer
Manager: Erik Julliard

Flag Bearers: Nico Stauffer, Marco Hufschmid, Spiridon Mikelatos, Yannick Van Der Heide, Lukas Beer and Jakob Kansy
Supervising Sound Engineer: Daniel Dettwiler
Sound Engineer: Benjamin Gut
Studio: Idee und Klang Studio, Basel


Conductor: Ernst Van Tiel
Choirmaster: Gea Garatti
Production Manager: Marco Patrignani
Musicians Contractor: David Barsotti
Score Recorded By: Forum Studios – Rome
Orchestra: Orchestra Italiana del Cinema
Choir: Colper Coro Lirico Sinfonico

Score Recorded at Auditorium Conciliazione, Rome, and Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice
Senior Sound Engineers: Fabio Patrignani and Michael Seberich
Pro Tools Operator: Davide Dell’Amore
Assistant Sound Engineer: Sami Bianchi, Carlo Colugnati and Tommaso Orioli
Music Assistant: Dario Vero
Librarian: Andrea Caranfil
Production Assistant: Viviana Tomassini, Marie Josee Marquet and Gabriele Boschi
Administration: Argilli Claudia


Conductor: Gottfried Rabl
Scoring Engineer: Bernd Mazagg
Pro Tools Operator: Tristan Linton
Contractor: Marton Barka

Technical Manager: Roland Tscherne
Stage Monitor Mixer: Stephan Huber
Music Prep & Librarians: Sugi Shin and Stefan Höll
Project Coordinator: Elizabeth Houser
Camera Operator: Anna Patritsiya
Score Recorded at Synchron Stage, Vienna
Orchestra: Synchron Stage Orchestra


Orchestra: Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Conductor: Zoltán Pad
Session Producer: Bálint Sapszon
Orchestra Coordinator: Bertalan Veér
Recording Engineer: Dénes Rédly

Soundtrack Album Produced by Lorne Balfe and Cécile Tournesac
Executive Album Producer: Christopher McQuarrie

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove
Soundtrack Album Coordinators: Dan Goldwasser and Michael Murphy
Album Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering

Cover Art Design by Sophie Calahan at Concept Arts

Tracks 1, 2, 3-7, 9-10, 12, 14-19, 22, 24-29, 32-33, 35, 37-39 contain interpolations of “Theme from Mission: Impossible
Composed by Lalo Schifrin
Published by Sony/ATV Melody (BMI)

Tracks 1, 9-11, 13-17, 19, 25-26, 29-32, 35, 37-38 contain interpolations of “The Plot”
Composed by Lalo Schifrin
Published by Sony/ATV Melody (BMI)

Lorne Balfe Wishes to Thank: Tom Cruise, Cass Mapother, Christopher McQuarrie, Heather McQuarrie, Eddie Hamilton, Randy Spendlove, Cécile Tournesac, Timeri Duplat, Geoff Foster, Susan Novick, Micaela Cain, Kaiyun Wong, Stephen Lipson, Chris Fogel, Peter Adams, Stuart Thomas, Dieter Hartmann, Joshua Pacey, Bobby Tahouri, Kevin Riepl, Max Aruj, Kevin Blumenfeld, Gavin Greenaway, James Brett, The Swiss Drum Corps, Orchestra Italiana Del Cinema, Synchron Stage Orchestra, Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Peter Weiss, Fiona McGugan, James Goose, Nick Garfen, Hina Tanner, Stuart Dunbar, Peter Hudec, Menashy Cohen, Jake Kozarec, Darrell Alexander,  Ethan Gillespie, Adam Price, Sam Grade, Alice Bird, Ruth Titmarsh, Ashleigh Kelly, Eva Balfe, Nina, Rufus and Marnie Balfe

Paramount Pictures Thanks: Lina Ajao, Lilly Bennett, Jon David Bernal, Mary Jo Braun, Micaela Cain, Sheryl Carlin, Dina Durant, Alex Fleites, Robert Gasper, Amanda Grossman, Tina Kiehl, Christina Martino, Jonah Menegaz, Vanessa Palmer, Areli Quirarte, Jessica Reddick, Maddy Van Remortel, Ishita Sinha, Megan Walla, Jonathan Weiss and Kaiyun Wong