Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by John Frizzell

  1. Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe Main Titles 1:21
  2. A Tale of Two Heroes 0:46
  3. I See Our Failures 1:15
  4. Space Camp 2:39
  5. NASA Has a Couple New Astronauts 3:20
  6. Disaster in Space 1:45
  7. Your Situation Is Critical 3:51
  8. The Elaborate Dance of Seduction 2:44
  9. Smart Beavis and Smart Butt-Head 2:41
  10. Clear the Room 1:15
  11. Word That Starts With ‘L’ 2:06
  12. It Really Is Them 0:49
  13. It Is We! 0:54
  14. Request for Toilet Paper 2:12
  15. The Return of Cornholio 1:19
  16. Destroy Their Records 1:24
  17. It’s Been a Long Journey 0:44
  18. The Unicorn Ride 1:01
  19. Captured 0:59
  20. That Dirty Butt-hole 2:34
  21. Now Let’s Go Score 2:17
  22. Two Stupid Horny Teenagers 2:22
  23. The Entire Cosmos Shall Perish 1:06
  24. The Greatest Story Ever Told 2:49
  25. We Celebrate! 1:19
  26. Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe Main Titles (Alternate) 1:19

Total Album Time: 46:51

Music Composed by John Frizzell

Score Technical Coordinator: Nick Cimity
Orchestrations: Kevin Kaska
Additional Orchestrations: Nick Cimity

Score Mixers: Scott Michael Smith and Bernd Mazagg
Score Mix Assistant: Alberto Cruz
Music Editor: Gary Krause

Recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna
Scoring Engineer: Bernd Mazagg
Pro Tools Operator: Lukas Lützow
Orchestra Contractor: Marton Barka

Technical Manager: Roland Tscherne
Stage Monitor Mixer: Florian Herzog
Music Prep & Librarian: Stefan Höll, Sugi Shin, David Salazar, Daniel Rueda
Project Coordinator: Stefan Steinbauer
Videographers: Anna Patritsija, Christina Gaugg

Performed by the Synchron Stage Orchestra
Conducted by Bernhard Melbye Voss

Album Produced by John Frizzell and Dan Goldwasser
Associate Album Producer: Nick Cimity

Additional Mixing by Scott Michael Smith
Mastered by Eric Boulanger Jett Galindo and Jaymes Quirino at The Bakery, Los Angeles, CA

Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe Main Titles” by John Frizzell and Mike Judge

All Music Composed by John Frizzell Published by Viacom Songs Inc. (BMI) under exclusive administration by Universal Music Publishing Group.

Executives in Charge of Music for MTV Entertainment Studios: Anita Chinkes-Ratner and Sabrina Del Priore
Soundtrack Album Coordinator:
 Michael Murphy

Special thanks to: Mike Judge, Lew Morton, Rich Jacobellis and everyone at Fortress Talent Management, Bobby Mackston, Marla Black, Angela Beevers, Ruben Martinez, Chris Marcil, Robert Ashe, Phil Davis, Matthew Mahoney, Titmouse Animation, Grant Gish, Michael Stanger, Matthew Hearon-Smith, and the Paramount+ team, Michael Murphy, Jeff Cohen, JC Arias, the Cimity Family, and my family, Ben Frizzell and Nicolle Ortega