Gemini Man (Music From the Motion Picture)

Music by Lorne Balfe

  1. Last Shot 3:55
  2. Burning The Past 3:45
  3. Are You DIA? 2:57
  4. First Confrontation 3:38
  5. Cartagena 2:33
  6. Bike Fu 3:10
  7. Catacombs 4:27
  8. I Know You Inside And Out 5:02
  9. Henry And Junior 2:32
  10. Fighting Gemini 4:00
  11. Teaming Up 2:26
  12. Don’t You Feel Pain? 3:17
  13. Verris 3:38
  14. A Perfect Version Of You 3:52
  15. Those Ghosts 2:26
  16. Thanks, Brother 2:00
  17. Gemini Man 8:02

Total Album Time: 61:40

Original Score by Lorne Balfe

Score Produced by Lorne Balfe
Music Production Coordinator Queenie Li
Additional Arrangements Steffen Thum, Steven Davis, Sven Faulconer And Max Aruj

Score Technical Assistants Joseph Cho and Alfie Godfrey
Music Editor Sam Zeines
Orchestrator Shane Rutherfoord-Jones
Technical Assistants Mike Ladouceur

Cello Tina Guo
Drums M.B. Gordy
Woodwinds Pedro Eustache
Double Bass Nico Abondolo

Score Mix Engineer Alan Meyerson
Soloist Recording Engineers John Chapman and Seth Waldmann|
Soloist Contractor Peter Rotter
Soloists Recorded at Remote Control Productions

Mastered by Reuben Cohen
Art Direction by Dan Goldwasser at Warm Butter Design
Production Assistance Frank K. DeWald and Neil S. Bulk

All Tracks Published by Appella Music, Llc (Ascap)

Lorne Balfe Would Like To Thank
Ang Lee, Jerry Bruckheimer, Randy Spendlove, Chad Oman, David Ellison, Don Granger, Dana Goldberg, David Lee, Steven Kofsky, Kim Seiniger, Jennifer Lane, Queenie Li, Sandra Park, Max Aruj, Steffen Thum, Geoff Foster, Matt Dunkley, Alan Meyerson, Shane Rutherfoord-Jones, Steve Davis, Sven Falconscore, Sam Zeines, Gedney Webb, Jake Kozarec, David And Eva Balfe, Nina, Rufus Balfe and Marnie Balfe