Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Music from the Motion Picture)

Music by John Debney and Germaine Franco

  1. Dora the Explorer Theme Song 1:39
  2. The Legend of Parapata 0:55
  3. Mad Because You Are Leaving 1:08
  4. 10 Years Later 0:53
  5. Angry Pygmy 1:18
  6. New Cave 1:53
  7. And You Are Not Going 1:51
  8. First Day of School 0:39
  9. Making Friends 0:46
  10. Am I a Weirdo 2:23
  11. Wild Goose Chase 2:11
  12. Interloper Kidnapped 1:38
  13. Alejandro and the Rescue 2:41
  14. Let’s Go Find Dora’s Parents 1:08
  15. She Knows This Monkey 1:43
  16. Juice Box Life Force 2:07
  17. Opera House 1:06
  18. Quicksand and Scorpions 1:59
  19. I’m Alive 1:08
  20. Someone Lives Here 1:04
  21. Vision Quest 4:42
  22. I Had the Weirdest Dream 3:08
  23. Inca Aqueducts 4:07
  24. I Outwitted You 2:28
  25. Parapata Vista 1:14
  26. You Have Friends Now 1:49
  27. Moon Gate 3:42
  28. Camino Real De Parapata 3:45
  29. Tilting Room 1:31
  30. Alejandro’s Gold 3:03
  31. Lost Guardian of Parapata 2:19
  32. Show Me the Correct Path 2:45
  33. He Has Angered the Gods 2:46
  34. She’s Staring at Us Again 0:40
  35. Swiper, No Swiping 0:32
  36. Helicopter to Reunions 1:01
  37. Need to Explore High School 1:27
  38. Dora and the Lost City of Gold 1:11

Total Album Time: 72:20

Music by John Debney & Germaine Franco

Produced by John Debney & Germaine Franco
Executive Music Producer: James Bobin
Music Editors: John Finklea, Jeff Carson

Score Recorded at AIR Studios, London
Score Recording Engineer: Nicholas Wollage
Score Mix Engineer: Simon Rhodes

Additional Engineer: Tom Bailey
Assistant Engineer: Jack Mills

Score Technicians: James Carroll, Michael John Mollo and S. Peace Nistades
Score Coordinator: Lola Debney
Score Production Supervisors: Stephanie Pereida, Natalie Stowell and John Debney Jr.

Music Conducted by Gavin Greenaway
Orchestrators: John Ashton Thomas, Tommy Laurence and Geoff Lawson

Music Preparation: David Hage, Dakota Music
Music Contractor: Amy Stewart for Isobel Griffiths Ltd.

Orchestra Leaders: Thomas Bowes and John Mills
Solo Cello: Jo Knight
Solo French Horn: Richard Watkins
Solo Ethnic Flutes: Jan Hendrickse
Solo Trumpet: Tom Rees-Roberts

Yuka Pipes & Conch Shell: Dante Concha
Sikus Pipes: Phaxsi Coca
Latin Percussion: Paul Clarvis, Flavio Correa, Ayoze Hernandez, Luis Jardim, Roberto Pla and Frank Ricotti
Celtic Harp: Skaila Kanga

Choir: London Voices
Chorus Master: Terry Edwards
Quechua Language Coach: Dante Concha
Solo Vocalists: Dante Concha and Phaxsi Coca

“Dora The Explorer Theme Song” and “Dora And The Lost City Of Gold”
Written by Billy Straus, Josh Sitron and Sarah Durkee.
Published by Tunes by Nikelodeon Inc. (ASCAP)

“Dora The Explorer Theme Song” vocals by Francesca Ramirez

“Hooray! We Did It“
Written by Bret McKenzie
Produced by Bret McKenzie and Mickey Petralia
Performed by Isabela Moner, Eugenio Derbez, Michael Peña, Eva Longoria, Nicholas Coombe, Jeffrey Wahlberg, Madeleine Madden and Benicio Del Toro

Additional Singers: Angel Levine, Felice Schaeffer, Laura J. Jones, Sara Mann, Jessica Rotter, Tera Hendrickson, Fletcher Sheridan, Dan Navarro, David Loucks, Rene Ruiz, Jasper Randall and David Loucks

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove