Book of the Bard (Music Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves)

Music by Lorne Balfe

  1. Finn’s Boy 2:06
  2. Lads and Lasses 2:01
  3. The Nine Hells 2:09
  4. Free Kenku 2:11
  5. Juice of the Vine 3:10
  6. Oak’s Tale 3:13
  7. Beerzerk 2:58
  8. Sweet Emerald Love 3:37
  9. Drowing in the Jar 2:50
  10. Lasses and Lads 3:43
  11. The Dragons Breath 2:34
  12. The Warden 3:56
  13. Benjamin and Leopold 2:06
  14. I measc na laochra (Amongst the Warriors) (feat. Róisín Seoighe) 2:27

Total Album Time: 39:01

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios.
Engineer: Gordon Davidson
Recordist: Dan Hayden
Recording Assistant: Neil Dawes
Orchestration: Adam Price
Technical Assistant: Ethan Gillespie

Mixed by Eva Reistad
Mastered by Pat Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering

A&R Administration: Ruth Titmarsh & Ashleigh Kelly

All Songs Written by Lorne Balfe except:

“Lads and Lasses,” “The Nine Hells,” “Juice of the Vine,” “Lasses and Lads,” “The Warden” and “Benjamin and Leopold”
Written by Lorne Balfe, John Dailey and Jonathan Goldstein.

“I Measc Na Laochra (Amongst the Warriors)
Written by Lorne Balfe, Liam Og O’Hannaigh, Naoise Iarla O’Caireallain and James John O’Dochartaigh.

All songs published by Paramount Allegra Music expect
“I Measc Na Laochra (Amongst the Warriors) published by Paramount Allegra Music and Mute Song Publishing